how it works!

  So let's get to the point.  Making lasting change takes time - but with the right support

  behind you - you CAN do it!  My coaching skill and support gets you there effectively,

  efficiently and with results that can change your life. Here's how it typically works:

  • An initial 3-month commitment to coaching is requested.  That does not mean you are locked in should you decide coaching is not for you.  However, it does reflect evidence that, with the right support, making a behaviour change, breaking or establishing new habits takes about 3 months to become "sticky".  This means it gives you the best chance of it becoming a permanent fixture in your life.  It's to give you the best start and chance possible to make the lasting change you need.  
  • We can meet in person (where possible), by Skype or by phone.  All modes work great for coaching!
  • During the first 3 months, sessions are typically 1 hour long and may be weekly or every two weeks depending on your individual preference and needs.  After these 3 months, the 1-hour sessions usually spread out to every 2 weeks or once monthly - again depending on individual need and preference​​
  • The coaching relationship may last several months - even a year or more - depending on what you need to really deepen the experience and benefits of the changes made. While this is the most common outcome, others may move into "maintenance mode" after only a few months - checking in a few times a year with me as their coach to keep on track with their successful changes or to make adjustments as they may arise. 

  • Everyone is different - and I am committed to "being with you where you are" in the coaching process to ensure you have my support with the frequency you need as you make progress!
  • BEFORE DECIDING THIS IS OR IS NOT FOR YOU: Ask for a free 20-minute consultation with me at no obligation to you.  An initial consultation is an important part of your decision-making when considering hiring any coach! See my contact details in the above menu to ask for yours today.​​

​         RATES & COACHING PACKAGES (note all rates are in canadian funds. Example: a coaching package at $260CAN = $187us)

Health, Mental wellness & Leadership development services

 by Andrea Carew 

Duke Integrative Medicine & U.S National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching certified


Changes 101

So, you're curious, but not convinced. Yet want to give it a fair shot!

- Includes 3 sessions over a  6-week period

- In between session email accountability and check-in support 

$CAN 280

Services & RATES

Mindfulness & Me!

Mindful awareness is yielding growing evidence of supporting better wellbeing, and health.  As an integral part of the Duke Integrative Medicine model and my training, this package will focus on supporting you in growing and practicing your own mindfulness routine.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by the change this brings to your life!

 - Includes 4 sessions over a 4- week period

- In between session email accountability and check-in support 

$CAN 425

Let's Do This!

You're anxious to get going, maybe disappointed with past attempts. You're hopeful and committed to giving this a good faith effort! 

- Includes 6 sessions over a 12-week period

- In between session email accountability and check-in support 

$CAN 560

* Please Note: Coaching Packages are offered at a discount from my standard hourly rate of $CAN 90 / hour.  

Don't See what you want?

Together, we can custom design a package that may better suit your needs. So let's talk! Also, it is not required that you purchase any package to receive coaching support.  You can be coached and supported in a "pay-as-you-go" manner without purchasing a package at my standard rate of $90/hr.  Easy!

group and corporate coaching

Group and / or corporate wellness, health & lifestyle coaching services are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of clients. Services can range from one 1/2 day session to multi-day workshops depending upon client need and desired outcomes.  Rates are determined by workshop design, length / number of days of service requested .  I am also available for corporate, academic, government or private speaking events and educational, interactive presentations.  Simply call or email me to discuss details of your event - and how I can bring something very special to it! 

​andrea's coaching framework: The Duke Integrative Health Model

Help is on the Way...

You're in the rut too long, and know it's not where you belong. Your life must change. Your time must be now.

This signals deeper commitment to yourself, and a longer investment for lasting change. 

- Includes 12 sessions over a 16 week period

- In between session email accountability and check-in support 

$CAN 1,020