Individual, group & corporate coaching services

 by Andrea Carew 

Duke Integrative Medicine Certified

Work stress is common, arguably necessary, in order to motivate self and others to hit team or corporate goals. Medical research and evidence strongly warns us however, that sustained stress leads to, or complicates, chronic illness, and can impact productivity. My custom-designed workshops support employers and employees to recognize signs and symptoms of unhealthy, sustained workplace stress, and offers resources and approaches to address it. A truly unique and empowering "team building" experience, these workshops simultaneously support individual as well as group growth and development to cultivate a work environment that manages stress in a positive, healthy and productive way.  Planning a work retreat for employees, clients and associates?  Bring me along and include my services as a unique and empowering resource for everyone!

Corporate & group health coaching

complementary support for chronic illness

Quality of Life & Health Improvement

If you do live with a chronic condition (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, sustained stress, difficult mental state, hypertension or other chronic health concern) it can be a tremendous challenge to manage. It can also feel isolating.  Andrea's skill and experience as a Duke Integrative Medicine trained coach can help you bridge the gap between your physician's recommendations to you actually making the changes you need to finally take back a sense of control - and feel better!

Even the most full life can leave us feeling stuck in a rut sometimes, or as if something is missing in our contentment, vitality and wellbeing. Maybe it's losing some weight, getting on top of stress, finally reaching that personal goal, or even looking at your life in a different way to help you feel fulfilled. Finally making these sorts of changes can be tricky - but it doesn't have to be. Andrea's approach to coaching you to an enriched lifestyle will support and inspire you to lasting change.

Mind Body Spirit

Making change to support health of mind, body and spirit doesn't have to be so hard.  

Let me help you move from "stuck" to "wonderstruck" at what you can do - and be!

Below are my key areas of service to you!